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How soon will the item ship?


Items usually ship 1-3 days after the purchase date with the exception of commissioned paintings and the pre-ordering of unfinished artwork.


What is your Return Policy?


We value your service and make the utmost effort to ship your item as professionally and securely as possible. However, if your package should end up damaged during delivery, or there is something wrong with your product please contact us within seven days of receiving your product. Photographs of the damaged product and it packaging will need to be emailed to the artist before a refund can be issued. Refunds will not be issued until the product has been returned. The seller will pay for return shipping.


If your product is lost or stolen during delivery please contact us within the 7 days following the estimated delivery date. If confirmed a full refund will be given.


For all other returns a refund will be issued after the item has been returned. The item must be shipped back within 7 days of the delivery date for a return to be accepted.  The buyer is responsible for return shipping and a restocking fee of 5-50% will be applied. The percentage of the restocking fee is to be detirmined at the discretion of the artist and to be based on the condition in which the item is returned. 



Do you paint on commission?

Yes. I would be thrilled to. Please click here for more information. 

What is a Gallery Wrapped Canvas?


"Gallery wrap is a method of stretching an artist's canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides of the (Stretcher Bar or strainer bars) and is secured to the back of the wooden frame." There will be no visible nails or staples on the sides of the canvas. Rather the staples or nails will be placed on the back. The sides of the canvas are usually painted or are solid in color and the painting can be, and usually is, hung without a frame. 



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What is a "Hand Embellished" print?


Every artist has their own unique way of "Embellishing" or "Enhancing" a print. The purpose is to create a print that has unique special touches added to them, from the artist, that makes them one of a kind. I use a process of painting on acrylic medium to create a texture that mimics that of the original painting. I will NEVER  simply slap on a coat of medium. I carefully use different methods to recreate some of the original texture as closely as possible. Doing so gives that classic feel of drips spatters and brush strokes raising off the canvas and brings the painting to life. No two hand embellishments are exactly alike which makes your piece one of a kind.